7 Reasons You Need a Sarong in Your Suitcase

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Long-term travelers swear by sarongs, but they could serve you just as well on a shorter vacation. Here’s seven ways to make use of this ultimate multi-purpose packing savior.

It’s a beach towel

If you’re fitting a beach day or two into your vacation, you have a couple lounging options. You could get up at the break of dawn to rent an expensive sunbed. Or you could take up valuable real estate in your suitcase with a bulky towel. Neither of those options sound ideal? A sarong will keep the sand off you and will dry far more quickly than any towel.

It’s a scarf

If your trip will be taking you through locations with widely varied climates, packing can be quite the conundrum. Bringing bulky cold weather clothes is a waste of limited suitcase space, but you’ll certainly need something warmer than tank tops and shorts. Light layers and versatile items that can serve more than one purpose are key to making the most out of your packing. As you cross over into chillier locales, a sarong can easily be doubled up and used as a large scarf.

It’s a blanket

Airplanes and trains are notorious for their overly enthusiastic air conditioning, and while the airline-provided blankets may be sealed in plastic, that doesn’t mean they’re really clean. Keeping a sarong in your carry-on will ensure you always have an extra layer at the ready.

It’s a skirt or dress

Here’s one you’ve probably seen before. Tying up a sarong into a skirt is a quick and easy means of covering up on the beach. For extra versatility, buy a sarong made from opaque fabric, so you can wear it as a skirt off the beach as well. This is especially handy for longer trips where you might need to do laundry. Sarong skirts are perfect laundry day cover ups. The larger the sarong, the more options you’ll have for ways to wear it.

It’s a sleeping bag liner

Going camping? A sarong can serve as an effective substitute for an expensive sleeping bag liner, adding a touch of extra warmth to your sleeping bag. Or, if you find yourself in a hotel or hostel whose cleanliness doesn’t seem quite up to snuff, you can spread out a sarong over your pillow to keep from putting your face on potentially skeevy linens.

It’s a bag

Whenever you need a little extra organization in your suitcase, wrap your things in a sarong and tie off the ends. You can separate dirty laundry or a wet swimsuit from your clean clothes, or you can ensure you’ll always be able to find loose odds and ends.

It’s a headscarf

Whether you’re making a fashion statement, or going for something more utilitarian, there are plenty of ways to wrap your sarong into a headscarf. This will come in especially handy in desert settings, where you may need a makeshift kiffiyeah to keep sand and dust from blowing in your face.