6 Travel Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew About Sooner

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Ever wish there was a magic button you could press to make the logistics of travel easier? There is – kind of. These simple hacks will help you through each step of your next vacation to save you money, time, and stress.

Get more space on your flight

If you’re traveling as a couple, there’s a high risk, high reward way to get an entire row of seats to yourself in flight. Book the window and aisle seats, leaving the middle one open. There is, of course, the chance someone else will book that seat and you might have to rely on their kindness to let you sit together. But if the flight isn’t full, you might get an extra seat to yourselves.

Get a taxi before anyone else

Once you land, there’s sure to be a long wait at the taxi stand. Skip the lines by heading to the airport’s departure terminal. You can snag a cab after it drops off another traveler. Depending on the layout of the airport, you might not save a lot of time, but better to spend your time stretching your legs after a long flight instead of standing mindlessly at the taxi stand.

Give the kids their own space

Families sharing a hotel room might find themselves in rather closer quarters than everyone is accustomed to at home. If you have small children sharing a bed, you can make them feel they have a little more room by rearranging their pillows. Build a wall down the center of the bed to clearly delineate each child’s side and nip potential fights in the bud. If you don’t have enough pillows to line the bed, just move one pillow to the foot of the bed to create a separate sleep space.

Never forget where your photos were taken

Instagram’s geotag feature is quite handy as long as you remember to use it. But what if you don’t have the time, memory, or inclination to tag photos as you take them? On an iPhone, open up your Camera app and turn on its location settings. That will automate the process, so you can add the Instagram geotags later that night from your hotel room, or even after you’ve returned home.

Keep sticky fingers out of your bag

Say you don’t want a travel lock, for whatever reason. You can still hold thieves at bay. The trick to outsmarting pickpockets isn’t to be the most difficult potential target on the street. You just need to be “not-the-easiest” target. To that end, you can use twist ties or, for a more heavy duty solution, zip ties to secure your zippers. Most would-be thieves won’t want to take the extra few seconds to untie them and risk getting caught.

Get creative with cash

While we’re talking about outsmarting thieves, here’s some food for thought: money belts are actually the worst. They can be bulky and uncomfortable and who wants to have to pull their pants halfway down every time they need a little spare change for an ice cream. Trust us. Nobody wants to see what color underwear you have on today. Instead, go ahead and keep what money you need for the day in your regular wallet and hide the rest in a secret stash. You can use an old dental floss container, a cleaned out tube of lip balm, or even the outside wrapper from a menstrual pad. Pickpockets will never be the wiser about these odds and ends.