Falling In Love With Vienna

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Vienna is a historical masterpiece and a multicultural marketplace full of architectural dichotomies, brilliant works of art and natural sense of mystique that keeps visitors from around the world completely entranced as they wind their ways through the corridors and down cobble stone streets. One circular view from the historic center of Vienna and you will fall in love as quickly as I did when I first laid eyes on this beautiful city. As Napoleon Bonaparte said, “When you set out to take Vienna, take Vienna.” And that’s exactly what I intended to do upon visiting, as you will, too.

Upon arrival there are a number of ways to get to the city center but far and beyond the best mode of transportation is the monorail. If you want to experience the lush green landscape and rolling hills that are gently situated on the outskirts of Vienna, taking the tram, about a 20 minute trip, is certainly an attraction of it’s own. Once you make it to the city you are immediately overcome by a sense of silence and majesty. It can be difficult to describe the feeling that comes over you when taking your first steps out into the streets but the sensation is certainly one that will sweep you into the moment: hold onto that because the rest of Vienna is sure to leave you breathless as well.

Austrian Parliament Building, Vienna, Dunheger Travel Blog
Austrian Parliament Building, Flickr © Kosala Bandara

The city is designed to be extremely pedestrian friendly and the local bike-share program is a fantastic way to get around. The buses, trams and taxis are also reasonable, but from Vienna Centre you should be able to get most places by foot or bicycle. My time in Vienna was short and the language barrier intense, but we were lucky enough to contact an English speaking cab driver who was more than happy to drive around pointing out national monuments, great works of art and historically significant buildings.

Vienna Streets, Austria, Dunheger Travel Blog
Vienna Street, Flickr © Aapo Haapanen

One of the most important aspects of Vienna, barre priceless historic elements peppered throughout the city, is the progressive use of architecture that brings traditional, gothic and modern styles together in harmony, side by side on every street. From Gaudi stylings to Romanesque State buildings, apartment suites and museums alike are all designed independently of one another and unique to their own purposes. The flow between the architecture, art, statues and bridges that tie Vienna together is something that can only be explained by a feeling.

The Schönbrunn Palace Garden Gloriette, Vienna, Austria, Dunheger Travel Blog
The Schönbrunn Palace Garden Gloriette, Flickr © Luca Sartoni

Vienna is known for their countless museums, elaborate gardens, elegant castles and the rich history that envelops the city. From modern arts to natural wonder museums, the sheer number of artifacts housed by Vienna alone is enough to keep you busy for months on end. My attempt to visit the Freud home, which displays some of the psychologists great works, was thwarted by a Sunday, which closes down most of the museums throughout the city. If this happens to you, my suggestion is to take in the famous Viennese Coffee House culture that has been an active staple in the Vienna lifestyle since 1685 and is recognized as an “Intangible Cultural Heritage.”

View of Volksgarten, Museums and Parliament, Vienna, Dunheger Travel Blog
View of Volksgarten, Museums and Parliament

Regardless of how you spend your time in Vienna, make sure that this destination is at the top of your list when travelling. Once within the city, you will have more to do than you know what to do with. Vienna is a cultural masterpiece and certain to impress even the most seasoned traveller. If you are looking for a favorite destination that will have you coming back time and again, Vienna is a wonderful place to fall in love with.