10 Most Beautiful & Inexpensive Travel Destinations

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There are so many places in the world to see and so little time to see them. Also, having unlimited funds wouldn’t hurt either. It can be easy to catch yourself daydreaming about the perfect vacation and start to wander from city to city and country to country in your mind before reality pulls you back and reminds you what that would cost. Well you’re in luck because here we have compiled some of the most beautiful, awe inspiring and inexpensive destinations around the world.

lisbon, spain, dunheger travel blog
Lisbon, Spain, Flickr © Porto Bay Hotels & Resorts

Lisbon, Porugal

The city on seven hills, Lisbon is a beautiful place with ancient castles, limestone buildings and quaint little coffee shops. With free museums on the first Sunday of every month and the “Lisboa card” that can be purchased at information centers for either free or discounted attractions, Lisbon can certainly be explored cheaper than most other towns in Europe.

Tikal, Guatemala, Dunheger Travel Blog
Tikal, Guatemala, Flickr © Dennis Jarvis


If you want to be able to jump on a bus and visit Antigua, explor Lake Atitlan or witness the wonderous Mayan ruins, then Guatemala will put you right in the heart of history and culture on a budget almost anyone can afford. To splurge on a large room all to yourself with a bathroom included would cost about $20-$30 USD, and if you choose a hostel, the cost is about $5. For food transporation, exploration and gifts, don’t expect to pay more than the cost of a hostel for anything else throughout your day.

Bavaro, Beach, Sunset, Dominican Republic, Dunheger Travel Blog
Bavaro, Dominican Republic, Flickr © Joe deSousa

Dominican Republic

If traveling to the Caribbean has always been a dream of yours but you understand the rumors of inflated prices, the Dominican Republic is just far enough out of reach to save you money while still conforming to the image of beautiful white sands and deep blue water beaches. The exploration is wonderful and the beach hotels away from the main ports are very well priced.

Prague, Czech republic, Dunheger Travel Blog
Prague, Czech Republic, Flickr © Moyan Brenn


With beautiful castles and pristine streets lined with ornate architecture, Prague is a place in Europe that you can still visit while it’s relatively inexpensive. Although tourism is on the rise, hostels are modestly priced and the beer is even cheaper. If you take the time and do your research, Prague can be one the most wallet friendly destinations in Europe.

Luang Prabang, Laos, Dunheger Travel Blog
Luang Prabang, Laos, Flickr © Chi King


If you simply want to relax and get away from it all without taking a chunk out of your retirement fund, then consider the beautiful wilderness of Laos. With flowing waterfalls, relaxing massages and rooms starting at $10, there’s no better time to explore a place you may have never even considered until now.

AngkorWat Temple, Cambodia, Dunheger Travel Blog
AngkorWat Temple, Cambodia, Flickr © Chris


A rich history and perfect place to visit for backpackers, Cambodia offers beautiful coastline, excellent food and some of the most inexpensive hostels around. Entrance fees to some of the more popular tourist destinations may cost as much as a personal driver for the day (about $15 USD) but if you do some digging there are plenty of free attractions and wonderful tourist walks.

Humayun's Tomb, Delhi, India, Dunheger Travel Blog
Humayun's Tomb, Delhi, India, Flickr © Rod Waddington

Delhi, India

If you are looking for one of the cheapest cities in the world with amazing food and high energy, once you fly into Dehli to explore India you might not leave. India has outstanding cuisine, a great exchange rate and tons of inexpensive or even free attractions. Be prepared for the excitement that surrounds the major city of Delhi.

Prayer Flags, Nepal, Dunheger Travel Blog
Nepal, Flickr © Lampertron


Once you pay for the cost of travel into Nepal, you won’t need too much else to keep you afloat. For about $5-$10 you can live like royalty and for only pennies you can gain admittance into some of the main tourist attractions and experience all that Nepal has to offer. Try heading to Pokhara for some of the cheapest hotels and a fun city feel.

Boracay, Philippines, Dunheger Travel Blog
Boracay, Philippines, Flickr © travelmag


If you like food, nature and shopping for some of the most inexpensive clothing, gadgets and gear, then the Philippines has what you’re looking for. You can spend your time in the bustling city of Manila or head out into the wild for some one on one time with the outdoors. Either way, if you stay on budget, it can be completely affordable at about $25 USD a day.

Bucharest, Romania, Dunheger Travel Blog
Bucharest, Romania, Flickr © Florin Stanciu

Bucharest, Romania

From medieval architecture to beautiful countryside, Romania is a picture perfect location for inexpensive travel. The local cuisine is astonishing and the museum and attractions are very moderately priced. If you want to experience the metropolitan vibe without paying big city prices, Bucharest is perfectly situated to appeal to all of your varying desires in a beautiful vacation.