We’re Part of the Golden Globes!

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We at Dunheger are thrilled and honored to have our portable digital luggage scale be selected for inclusion in the 2016 Golden Globes celebrity gift bag.

Travel is such an integral part of all our lives, and we hope it is in yours as well. Unfortunately, whether you’re hiking, biking, paddling, and climbing your way around the globe, or just taking a couple weeks away from the daily grind for a luxurious vacation, getting from point A to point B takes a huge toll on your stuff and so much modern travel gear can’t stand up to the natural wear and tear of the road.

Every product that passes through our doors breaks that mold. We believe in giving travelers what they really need: strong, durable products that won’t break after the first use. They’ll see you through dirt and grime, rain and snow. They can survive the most haphazard airport baggage handler. They’ll prove to you that top-notch travel gear doesn’t have to be the most expensive – just the best.

Our digital luggage scale is no exception, and most importantly, it follows that golden rule of sales: we’d buy it ourselves.

With maximum baggage weight limits changing from day to day and from airline to airline, but never getting more lenient, checking in for a flight can put undue stress on the beginning of your trip. Nobody wants to be put in the embarrassing situation of having to unpack your bag at the front counter and throw some of your things in a cardboard box to ship to your destination.

Ensure you never have to take that gamble again with a digital luggage scale. And not just any digital luggage scale, but one that and gives accurate readings time and time again. Even if your bag goes over the typical baggage weight limit of 50 pounds, our scale will stand up to the task and the easy-to-read backlit LCD screen will show you exactly how much extra weight you need to lose. What’s more, this digital scale is as simple to use as it gets. Just clip it to your bag using the adjustable strap and buckle, and lift. No need to fiddle with complicated controls – our scale has just one power button and will automatically turn off when idle to save battery power.

This lightweight tool can slip into any nook or cranny of your suitcase for weighing on the road. Headed overseas? We’ve got you covered. This device measures in both pounds and kilos so you don’t have to do any last minute metric conversions at the airport, or worse, get slammed with an extra fee because you weren’t sure exactly how much your pack weighed.

We stand behind it 100% and now, so do the folks at the Golden Globes. Past Golden Globes goodies have included incredible designer products like Ross & Brown sunglasses and Gucci Guilty eau de toilette spray. We’re very excited to have our travel scale deemed celebrity-worthy swag.

Pick up your own luggage scale today on Amazon for just $14.99. AAA batteries are included, and for a limited time, you’ll get two bonus gifts: our Travel Tips and Tricks e-guide and a microfiber pouch to protect against scratches.

Give yourself or a friend the gift of peace of mind and never pay an overweight baggage fee again.