5 Beautiful Botanical Gardens of the World



Strolling through a hidden cove of exotic flowers, covered by rare and ancient trees, and coming upon a sunny field in which to picnic and enjoy the beautiful day, is one of the best reasons to travel and find the top botanical gardens in the world. If you have ever enjoyed sitting alone and reading a book, or exploring thousands of species of foreign plant life, then seeking out the most beautiful botanical gardens in the world might just be a great focal point for traveling. Different regions and climates around the world offer some of the strangest and most unique plants, and for hundreds of years, people have been tending and maintaining gardens for the simple pleasure of experiencing the beauty of nature in an attractive, manicured setting. To experience the botanical gardens of the world is to experience life and history. For those who wish to sit or walk in silence and enjoy an artistic spin on the vast wonders of nature, here are some of the best, oldest and most well maintained gardens in the world.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden, New York City

Boasting 52 acres of pristinely manicured gardens, the Brooklyn botanical garden hosts nearly one million visitors each year. Over one hundred years old, the site includes three plant pavilions that serve to display three different climates, a large art gallery, and a number of specialty inside gardens.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Dunheger Travel Blog
Brooklyn Botanic Garden, New York City, Flickr © Atomische * Tom Giebel

Versailles Garden, France

If you are looking for quiet place to read, or simply enjoying getting lost in 101 acres of winding paths, the Versailles Gardens are what you’re looking for. Surrounded by statutes, beautiful manicured trees and bushes, and hidden corners to hide away in, this is one of the most stunning gardens that France has to offer.

Versailles Garden, France, Dunheger Travel Blog
Versailles Garden, France, Flickr © Daniel Jolivet

Butchart Gardens, British Columbia

An awe-inspiring spread of natural landscape and home to over 700 different species of plant life, Butchart Gardens in BC, Canada is one of the most colorful and well maintained gardens in the world. The long pathways wind around tall trees and into coves that overlook the mountains, leaving you with a feeling of wonderment and ecstasy that is hard to depart from.

The Butchart Gardens, Victoria, BC, Canada, Dunheger Travel Blog
The Butchart Gardens, BC, Flickr © abdallahh

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

A spectacular array of botanics and architecture, the Gardens by the Bay are a modern testament to sustainability and ancient plant life. From Pandora’s Biosphere to the Supertree Grove, the statues, man-made trees and winding pathways will leave you breathless and amazed.

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore, Dunheger Travel Blog
Gardens by the Bay, Singapore, Flickr © Héctor García

Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Gardens, Thailand

With over 500 acres of multicultural plant species, the Nong Nooch Gardens are home to French and European style gardens, a large cactus display, ancient orchids and a butterfly area. Maintained on multi-tiered grounds and surrounded by rock gardens, it is easy to spend a whole day wandering the gardens and exploring hundreds of different varieties of plants and flowers.

Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Gardens, Thailand, Dunheger Travel Blog
Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Gardens, Thailand, Flickr © Kim Seng

Finding a theme to travel to is a great way to decide your next vacation. Whether it be by museums or gardens, cuisine or world class hotels, themed traveling is perfect to explore all the beautiful sights, sounds and experiences that various cultures have to offer. There are literally thousands of botanical gardens in the world, and these are only a few of honorable mention. Where ever your travels may take you, spend some time looking up gardens near you and immerse yourself in age old traditions of botany and serenity. Taking the time to wander through the gardens of the world will give you a new take on life and leave you filled with beauty in a thousand different forms.