Beautiful Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, Georgia, USA, Dunheger Travel Blog


Located deep in the heart of the south, Savannah is a city of mystery and intrigue just waiting to be explored. From ancient cobblestone streets to giant oak trees that hang thick with moss, there is something to be discovered around every corner. The nightlife is immense and the day strolls by the bay shopping area is one of the most quaint and personal experiences you can have in a single city. Known for its love of fine foods, Savannah is a haven for romantics and art lovers around the world. And if you are looking for a place to spend St. Patrick’s day, look no further than the town that brings a green goat into city hall each year to kick off the excitement of the holiday.

The Wilkes House, Savannah, GA, USA, Dunheger Travel Blog
The Wilkes House, Savannah, Flickr © Britt Reints

Savannah is best known for the wide variety of delicate cuisine that is offered on every street. Ranging from the farm to table organic restaurants such as Cha Bella, to the famous family style soul food of Mrs. Wilkes House, Savannah is a foodie paradise for the bold and daring. The local coffee houses have a unique spin on the average morning beverage routine, and the wine selections to found from one restaurant to another can take weeks to explore. If you find yourself wandering the streets at night, try one of the best pizza places in the south, or ask around for the underground taco bar that slings a mean tortilla when every thing else is closing down.

Savannah, GA, USA, Dunheger Travel Blog
Savannah, GA, Flickr © Jeremy Thompson

Another claim to fame for Savannah is SCAD, the Savannah College of Art and Design. Boasting some of the brightest artistic talents in the world, SCAD displays can be found amongst the rows of locally owned shops and nightclubs, and students fill the streets when school is in, bringing the town to life with street performances and wild crowds. Visit the various old book shoppes with some of the largest collections of rare and out of print books, and then take a stroll past the Gothic architecture of the cathedrals and on the the quaint stylings of row housing that lines the back alleyways.

Madison Square, Savannah, GA, USA, Dunheger Travel Blog
Madison Square, Savannah, Flickr © Jason A G

Every few blocks or so, you will come across a square with statues placed in the center, commemorating historical figures and providing benches to the weary walkers. Savannah is extremely walkable, but there are also a large number of bicycle rental shops and segway tours that will ensure you don’t miss a thing during your visit. Once you have found yourself winding in and out of the cobblestone streets, take a trip down the large, steep staircases that follow the river, and do some shopping or stop into one of the restaurants or dive bars to see what entertainment they have for the night.

River St. Savannah, GA, USA, Dunheger Travel Blog
River St. Savannah, GA, Flickr © Taber Andrew Bain

Before you head to Savannah, take the time to research the numerous bed and breakfasts that line the streets, and choose a room with a modern feel that still manages to transport you back to the 1800’s. The old city is small, so it is possible to see everything that catches your eye in a matter of days, but if you’re after the food, plan to spend every waking moment standing in lines out the doors and hoping to get a reservation before your trip is finished. And if you plan to spend St. Patrick’s day when the whole city, river and all, turns green, book your reservations early, as the entire town comes to a complete stand still, walking room only. Savannah is truly a dark and mysterious city, full of excitement and romance, and waiting for you to fall in love.