Belgium: The Epitome of Class & Culture



There are thousands of reasons to fall in love with Belgium, some of which you may already have experienced without even knowing it. From world class waffles and decadent chocolate to finely crafted beer and the classic style of Audrey Hepburn, Belgium puts an emphasis on the finer parts of life and does a beautiful job of sharing their achievements with the world. As a founding member of the European Union, Belgium is no stranger to reform and revolution, which is one of the reasons they stay on top of economic development and excel at producing some of the finest concepts and exports in Europe. An artistic and cultural capital of the world, Belgium is a sight to behold and an experience unlike any other.

Atomium, Brussels, Belgium, Dunheger Travel Blog
The Atomium, Brussels, Flickr © O Palsson

The Belgian capitol is situated in Brussels, a hub of political achievements and home to some of the finest museums and beautiful displays of architecture, such as the Musee Horta designed by the master Victor Horta and the Atomium, Belgium’s own Eiffel Tower. The town is easily walkable, which is a great way to experience the open air flower shops and sidewalk cafe’s, find the perfect seafood restaurants, or scope out bars and clubs to return to when the sun goes down and the nightlife flows out into the streets. When you start your walking journey, find the Place du Grand Sablon, the city square where you will be in the center of chocolate shops, eateries and shopping. From here you can walk to just about anywhere, including the masterful and breathtaking Palais de Justice, the medieval styled Grand Place, and a number of tourist attractions, including the Royal Museum of Fine Arts.

The Grand Place, Brussels, Dunheger Travel Blog
The Grand Place, Brussels, Flickr © Luke Ma

Although Belgium is home to only eleven million people, you may want to experience the country outside of the capitol city, away from the bustling crowds and saturated tourism for a different perspective of life in Belgium. Bruges and Liege are both beautiful destinations, where Bruges is situated around a network of canals and bridges that nearly rival Venice. Historical homes and buildings line the cobblestone streets that lead directly to castles, cathedrals, and ornate halls in both cities. Bruges boasts a number of attractions, such as the Church of our Lady and Belfry Hall, while Liege is situated on the river Meuse only an hour from Brussels and displays the magnificent St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Montagne de Bueren, a neighbor situated at the top of seemingly endless stairs with an enviable view of the city. Once you arrive at either of these destinations, it will become difficult to stick to a specific itinerary, as each building, street and restaurant will call your name and have you wandering in awe of the little Belgium country.

Bruges, Brussels, Dunheger Travel Blog
Bruges, Brussels, Flickr © Wolfgang Staudt

Whether you decide to stay in the cities or travel the outskirts of town and get a true taste of Belgium, there is something unique about the class of people, the style of art and architecture, and the feeling that comes over you when you first experience the country. There’s no question why Belgium has been chosen as the 2015 Artistic and Cultural Capitol of the world. All it takes is one visit and you will understand why the best things in life come from Belgium. From cuisine and desserts to architecture and economics, Belgium certainly seems to have a grasp on the finer parts of life if you just take a moment to submerse yourself in the culture.