Finding Your Perfect Travel Guide

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Before you travel, most everyone starts by doing some research on the area they plan to visit and get a head start on what to see, where to eat and how to get around. For this purpose, there are a large number of travel guides available from people who have already scoped out the area and found the most popular attractions, breathtaking views, and the finest cuisine that the place has to offer. With the rise of blog times, it is easy to get a first hand experience from someone who has the same interests as yourself and has found the hidden gems in any city.

When you start looking for travel guides, it can be difficult to decide which one is suited best to your needs. Are you a food and beverage connoisseur? Do museums and architecture pique your interest? Would you like to experience the outdoors and countryside that makes these destinations great? There is a travel guide for everyone, but finding the perfect one for you may take some time. Below are a few of the differences between these travel guides to find the right one for your traveling needs.

Fodors and Frommers:

These two guides are some of the most exclusive and critical on the market. If you are looking for high end hotels, world class cuisine or the very best in artistic and architectural design, Fodors and Frommers are right for you. If you fancy yourself a food and beverage critic or simply want the best that a country has to offer, start with these guides to find out where you will stay and what you will do while you are on your journey.

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Forod's and Frommer's Travel Guides

Lonely Planet:

A personal favorite, Lonely Planet is written and compiled by adventure seekers and travelers who immerse themselves in culture and lifestyle. While you will certainly find some of the main attractions of any area you plan to visit, Lonely Planet does a fantastic job of finding the sights that are a little more off the grid and local oriented. While you may end up in gritty bar-b-que restaurant with grease running down your elbows or a back alley that surprisingly boasts the best view of a city, you will certainly get the full experience and some of the best attractions that many tourists miss.

Lonley Planet, Dunheger Travel Blog
Lonely Planet Travel Guide

Let’s Go:

This guide is extremely similar to Lonely Planet, with the exception that is written by students and geared toward students. With Let’s Go, you will experience your destination like a true local, while also gaining knowledge about some of the historical landmarks as well. Since it is written mainly for student travelers, Let’s Go will give you great ideas on traveling cheap and staying cheap, to help stretch your pockets and your experience.

Let's Go Travel Guide

DK Eyewitness Travel Guides:

The beauty about DK is that they have a series of travel guides for everyone from children to adults. The guides are full of pertinent information, detail oriented, and give a descriptive history of they attractions you will come across. DK focuses on art and photography and gives well detailed guidelines about places to stay, what to do, and cultural nuances that may or may not be extremely valuable information, depending on where you plan to travel.

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DK Eyewitness Travel Guide

While there are thousands of travel guides to choose from, finding the right for you may take some patience. Make sure to check background information on the guide and find out what their main priorities are. If you like a hard copy of the guide in your hands, head to a local bookstore and flip through to find the pictures and information that will best suit your trip. Compare formats and listings, and think about what your main focuses are when traveling. Always heed the warnings and valuable information that travelers before you have gathered, and travel safe.