How to Decide on Your Next Travel Destination

How to decide on your next travel, dunheger Travel blog


Some people love to travel, and after dozens of destinations and thousands of pictures, it’s easy to start running out of ideas when it comes time to exploring the world. While it’s basically impossible to see the whole world in one lifetime, general areas give you an idea of the landscape and local life, so if you’ve already visited once, many people find themselves seeking out new experiences and exotic destinations. Vacationing to the same spot may seem redundant, but if you missed the different seasons or forgot to focus on specific aspects, each visit can render something new and exciting. Take these few tips into account the next time you want to plan on traveling, and see if you don’t decide on the destination of a lifetime.


If you are having a hard time deciding what you want out of your next destination, try thinking about the one thing that brings people together: food! Are you a romantic who loves to pair wine with rich delicatessen? Then perhaps start in France and travel to Italy, tasting your way through fine dining experiences and small, local eateries from town to town. If you like trying exotic foods, think East Asia, working through Thailand to China and every small country and city in between. Deciding on a travel location based on local cuisine is a great way to experience individual countries and leave with the feeling that you immersed yourself into a different culture completely.

Marsala - Sicilia - Italia, Dunheger Travel Blog
Marsala, Sicilia, Italy, Flickr © Bert Kaufmann

Natural Beauty

Often times when we think of travel, the first thoughts are always where to sleep and what to see. It is easy to forget that where we choose to stay can encompass every aspect, from hidden mountain resorts to beachfront huts on crystal blue seas. Simply because you fly into a city doesn’t mean that you are obligated to stay and be a tourist. Think about the year you’ve had and the experience that you want to leave with. If it has been a stressful few months, consider an island in the Philippines or Caribbean to relax and escape the races for a while. If you have been stuck in a cubicle and want to explore the great outdoors, think about a private getaway in the Himalayas or bigger still, an exploration up Mt. Everest. Wherever you choose, make sure that it will suit your mood and leave you with a feeling of accomplishment.

Kathmandu , Nepal,Himalayas, Dunheger Travel Blog
Kathmandu , Nepal, Himalayas, Flickr © ilkerender

City Life

Perhaps you have been living in the country for far too long, or your own city just doesn’t share the same passions and desires as you. Whether you want to party for days on end in the discotheques of Spain or South America, or visit world-class museums and upscale restaurants in Europe or Australia, deciding what you plan to do the most of is a great way to base your decision to travel. Perhaps the spas and architecture of Budapest will suit your pace, or the bright city lights of Tokyo entice you. What ever experience will give you the time of your life is exactly where you want to be.

Tokyo, Japan, Dunheger Travel Blog
Tokyo, Japan, Flickr © Luke Ma


Depending on what season you wish to travel and what you plan on doing for your vacation, it is good to remember that what may be winter for you, may be summer to someone else, and vice versa. If you want to escape the heat for a winter wonderland, there are snow-capped mountains around the world in any season. If the winter is getting you down, try heading to Thailand or Mexico for a taste of warm, sandy beaches and jungle zip-lining. The climates and seasons offered year round in other parts of the world are a perfect way of deciding your destination, but keep in mind rainy seasons and winter storms if you’re planning on visiting for the weather.

Cancun, Mexico, Dunheger Travel Blog
Cancun, Mexico, Flickr © Robert Pittman

Planning your travels around a specific hobby, season or scenery is a great way to truly focus on an area and soak up different aspects of the culture. Perhaps plan a trip to Europe solely for the purpose of visiting as many museums as possible. Or head to the islands and eat as many strange sea creatures and roasted bugs as your heart can handle. Envision mountain ranges for miles and put yourself there, or crisp, curling waves with surfers on every tide. Wherever you get the most out of your vacation is where you should go next, so take some time to think about what you truly want and need the most, and you will find yourself having the time of your life.