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Canada is a vast expanse of wildlife and the perfect travel destination for those who loves the great outdoors. Focusing on the western portion of the country alone could take years to experience, but if you like a challenge, you’ll be hard pressed to find more beautiful landscape and scenic views than those of Canada. The Rocky Mountains stretch nearly the extent of British Columbia, past pristine lakes and through National Parks that encompass every bit of the outdoor life that rugged travelers and adventure seekers can only dream about. Canada has everything from snow covered mountains to rainforests, giant glaciers to awe inspiring canyons. If you have never experienced the untouched, natural habitat that is Canada, there are a number of landmark destinations that you absolutely need to include in your next travel plans.

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Banff National Park in Alberta is one the main tourist destinations during the summer, and a winter wonderland when the nearby town of Banff is left alone in the off season. Regardless of when you plan to travel, there is something for everyone in all four seasons. The town is host to a number of attractions, from shopping to museums, wellness spas to various dining options, but more than anything, it is a jumping point for people who wish to explore the surrounding area. More than just the National Park, the area offers hotsprings, caves, and a number of lakes, the most well known being Lake Louise. Another high traffic tourist destination, the large emerald lake with beautiful snowy mountains and dense green surrounding forest seems like a scene straight out of a fairy tale. One look at the way these beautiful elements compliment and blend together, and you’ll have no question why millions of people have been draw to the area year after year.

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Yoho National Park is another grand destination in Western Canada, and can be accessed by train, road or a number of well-traveled hiking trails. Another land of lakes, Yoho also captures the awe of giant waterfalls and more of the beautiful mountain ranges that you will come to love about Canada. The Canadian Pacific Railway is a great way to travel the country and take in as many natural monuments as possible if you envision yourself running short on travel time but still wish to see as much as possible. With quite a few stops along the way in small towns that host biker, hikers and adventurers of all types, the train system will certainly help you to get to those places you didn’t even know existed. Past glaciers and the Selkirk Mountain range that lies west of the Rockies, and every type of landscape imaginable in between, the C.P. Railway is one of your best bets for experiencing the most that Western Canada has to offer.

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There is so much open space to cover in just a small portion of the country, that careful planning and knowing exactly what your main priorities are is a necessary step if you plan on staying for a specific period of time. Unless you are backpacking until you have seen all that you can see, which may take months or even years, taking a train or renting a car with a specific route in mind is the most time effective means of traveling and still being able to experience the smallest glimpses of various landscapes that Western Canada has in store for you. And if you are curious to visit mountains that were once volcanoes and a rainforest where there ought to be igloos, taking a boat to Vancouver Island and Victoria is a leg of the trip that you won’t want to miss However you decide to travel Canada, make sure that it’s on your list of adventure destinations and get out into the wide wilderness that makes Western Canada a beautiful specimen of pristine natural wildlife.