Travel Gadgets for 2015



There’s no surprise that everyone tends to travel a bit different. While some people call themselves backpackers, others prefer traveler, explorer, wanderer, adventurer, and even the plain and simple term tourist. But regardless of how you travel, there’s no denying that little tricks and neat gadgets can get you a lot further in this day and age. Whether you travel with a neck pillow or keep up with the newest GPS that will track you through the wilds of Africa, almost everyone has one unique travel tool that they won’t leave home without. Well in 2015, there are some exciting new gadgets that have our adventurers buzzing with excitement.

Fugu Luggage:
While the idea of expandable luggage isn’t exactly new to the market, Fugu has taken packing to a whole different level with their smart suitcase. With two hard end-covers that collapse into carry-on size, the bag can extend up to transform into check-on luggage, with foldable shelves that can act as a storage closet when you are living life on the road. It also doubles as a table when extended and features a removable laptop stand for a portable desktop area.

If you are planning on traveling to the depths of the earth to explore dangerous wildlife where cell service is non-existent, you may want to consider the GoTenna. It is an extremely lightweight pocket antenna stick that will allow you to stay connected with the outside world. The only draw back is that it doesn’t quite work like wifi, but if someone you know on the outside has one, including park services or emergency radio towers anywhere in the world, it can automatically become a lifesaver should any unforeseen and potentially hazardous circumstances arise.

Worldpenscan X:
This portable, hand-held scanner pen connects to any smartphone and allows the user to scan and translate words and bar-codes in almost any language. If you are planning to visit a country that doesn’t just speak a language you don’t understand, but uses symbols that appear greek to you, the Worldpenscan can help you to accurately read anything from a menu to a map and beyond.

Bluetooth Selfie Stick:
For the shy, lonely traveler who doesn’t want to ask a stranger to take a picture but at the same time doesn’t want to miss out on the shot of a lifetime, the bluetooth selfie stick works with a built in remote to the handle that tells the shutter button when to snap. No longer do you have to stand at awkward angles or miss the giant monuments and vast landscapes behind you. Now you can just point and click.

Whether you find these gadgets extremely useful or just plain silly, there’s no denying that you’re going to start seeing a lot more of them in the coming year. While some will save your life, others will save the strain in your neck when taking that perfect photo. Either way, traveling just got a whole lot easier. And with bags that act as mobile offices and pens that read your menu to you, there’s no where and no reason you can’t get out and go this season.