Jobs That Keep You Traveling

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As any well seasoned traveler will tell you, once you start out on a journey overseas it can be difficult to reel  yourself back in and stop exploring. Once you begin hearing stories from backpackers and travelers of all the wonderful places they have been that are just across the border from you, most people find it hard to call it quits. Well as luck would have it, limited funds doesn’t necessarily mean limited travel. If you are a die-hard explorer with a passion for seeing the world, there are options available to keep you on the move and experiencing everywhere that you want to be.

Once you begin your travels, the chances of running into people who already know what to look for become exponentially higher. If you truly don’t want to go home just yet, start asking around and see what other people have done to stay on the road. You will quickly discover that there are options out there that you won’t even find listed on the internet. To get a head start, though, try checking out or for opportunities the world over that you won’t hear about anywhere else. Most jobs listed are seasonal or short term, so make sure that you are looking for the right time of the year before planning on work.

Camp Jobs:
Depending on which country you plan to visit, many places have summer camp jobs for children where you can volunteer for room and board.

Camp Jobs, Dunheger Travel Blog
Camp Jobs, Flickr © Park Ranger

Zip-line Instructors:
As you may imagine, this is a highly coveted job and one that may take the right connections or perfect timing to land. Don’t give up though, there are so many zip lines out there that someone is sure to snatch you up. And you don’t even need prior experience!

Zip-line instructor, Dunheger Travel Blog
Zip-line instructor, Flickr © Tyler S. Miller

Tour Driving:
Many of the National Parks around the world are always searching for drivers with clean records to take bus loads of people in and out of the park or back to their hotels.

Grand Canyon Shuttle Bus, Dunheger Travel Blog
Grand Canyon Shuttle Bus, Flickr © Grand Canyon National Park

Farm and Garden:
These options are two of the most common and easiest jobs to attain. From picking berries in foreign countries to helping farmers through WWOOF and similar organizations, a simple search for these key words will render dozens of options.

Fruit Picking, Duheger Travel Blog
Fruit Picking, Flickr © Emily Mathews

This is another opportunity that depends on the location you are traveling to. Commercial fishing is a major industry and a great way to earn some extra money.

Commercial Fishing, Dunheger Travel Blog
Commercial Fishing, Flickr © U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Au Pair:
If you like children and enjoy meeting new families who can help immerse you in local culture, Au Pair jobs will allow you to stay with host families while acting as nanny and caretaker.

Ranch Jobs:
Everyone needs help from time to time, and who better than young travelers looking to make a little extra cash. There are organizations that will place you as ranch hands across the world if you know where to look.

Ranch, Dunheger Travel Blog
Ranch, Flickr © Tedd Kidd

Teaching Jobs:
The opportunity to teach everything from medicine and cleanliness to foreign languages in other countries is one of the largest employers of travelers available. While some countries require a Bachelors degree to work, there are often ways around this. If you aren’t comfortable with loopholes, 5 countries do not require the degree and China will even pay for your travel expenses there and back as well as room and board for a one year contract

Teaching in Africa, Dunheger Travel Blog
Teaching in Africa, Flickr © Frontierofficial

These are only a few of the options available to people who are willing to make a trade for the opportunity to travel new countries. If you truly want to see the world without taking breaks in between, there are certainly ways to accomplish this for the go-getters out there. A little research can go a long way, and once you’re there, the people you meet will surely be able to help you in the right direction. By not giving up and asking the right questions, there’s no reason that you can’t experience a new country every month for years to come.