8 Tips for Traveling With Kids


Traveling with family can be one of the most exhilarating experiences in one’s life. This is a chance to strengthen the bond with the family and create memories which will last a lifetime. It’ll also inculcate a sense of adventure and curiosity in the kids. It makes the kids realize that the world is far bigger than their school and neighborhood. They learn more about the diversity which the world offers and the sooner it is learned, the better it is for them.

The world has different sights, smells, and sounds which your kids must learn to appreciate. Kids should be able to learn the differences in language and color instead of resenting it which is only possible if they travel the world. Now traveling with kids is great but it isn’t always easy but that is where we come for help. These tips will help in making your trip with your family a joy.

Avoid Layovers

Kids get tired and bored easily and that makes them cranky which doesn’t just have the potential to ruin your trip but also that of other flight takers as well. Being stuck in an airplane with strangers isn’t always a great experience for adults, expecting it to be one from kids is just unrealistic. Taking a flight and then waiting for long hours at the airport is not really a comfortable thing for kids and they’re bound to be unhappy on the next flight. It is a better solution to take a direct flight from your home city to the destination instead of adding unnecessary layovers.


For the families which are taking a trip together for the first time, it is better to keep the pace slow and make realistic assumptions about the places which can be easily visited. Hiking for 3 hours when you’re carrying a baby is not a great idea. In fact, you can’t expect even older children to go on a lengthy hiking trip with you. For parents who have children with special needs, it is better to consult with parents of children with similar needs who have been on foreign trips. You may also want to get an identity bracelet for the kid(s).


Children get easily bored and in order to keep them happy, you have to constantly stimulate them and one way of doing this is to get them new toys in the flight. This is a good idea to keep the kids busy and entertained but buying toys from the airport can be expensive. A good strategy is to buy toys from your local store and get them wrapped in a gift paper. This will serve two important purposes, the first one is that it’ll be easier on the pocket to buy from the local store and the second is that the wrapping will provide extra stimulation which will keep them entertained for longer periods of time. You can save more money by using Groupon for the purchase of toys.


Space is always a premium while traveling so one tries to save as much space as possible but one thing which shouldn’t’ be cut down to make more room is food for the kids. Regardless of what happens, you should never leave the house without snacks when going out with kids. Snacks have the benefit that they can be easily carried and shared with the kids. Kids don’t make as much mess with snacks as they do with full meals. Some of the best options include fruits and crackers.

Eerie Sensations

One bumpy part of air travel is the uncomfortable sensations you feel because of the changes in pressure. Adults aren’t the only ones who go through these sensations, in fact, these are more pronounced for kids and if they’re not familiar with the feeling then they can cause an uproar which wouldn’t be exactly in anyone’s favor. You must request the hostess to inform you when the descent is going to begin because that is when these pressure changes occur. You should have your snacks ready at this time which will keep them occupied or you could just play with them which will keep them engaged and they won’t even realize what has happened.


One thing on which you can’t trust your kids is their promise to keep themselves clean when you’re traveling abroad with them. Wipes can be your best friend in a foreign land whether it’s the messy kids or the dirty bathrooms. There is no telling when your little champion is going to spill juice on himself and your belongings, having wipes close at hand is going to make your life easy.

Things to Wear

You should bring clothes which are most appropriate for the destination for example if you’re going to a warm place then you must bring clothes which are lightweight and made from natural fibers. Children can sweat a lot so expect to change their clothes multiple times in a single day especially if they’re new to the heat. Bringing sunhats and sunglasses is also a good idea as the children’s eyes are more vulnerable to glare.

Be There

Remember that the reason you’re traveling with kids is to make your bond stronger, it would defeat the entire purpose if you’re never there. Prepare a list of activities which you would want to do with your child or children and then spend time with them while carrying out these activities. However, since you’re only human and may want a break from time to time then plan with your partner about these breaks where one could take a nap or go for a leisurely stroll while the other takes care of the kids.