The Best Makeup Palettes for Travel

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Think it’s not possible to travel light and look good? Think again. With the right all-in-one makeup palette, you can get dolled up for a night on the town, no matter which town you happen to be in. These are our top three picks for travel-friendly makeup.

Best Quality: Urban Decay Naked on the Run

Urban Decay’s series of Naked palettes practically has a cult following. If you eagerly await the release of each new selection of eyeshadows, you’ll be pleased to know Urban Decay also has a portable version for ladies on the go. The Naked on the Run palette includes a blush, a bronzer, six eyeshadows, an eyeliner pencil, a mascara, and a lip gloss, with a large mirror. Everything is of the high quality you’d expect from Urban Decay and the eyeliner, mascara, and lip gloss are in full size tubes, so you won’t run out too quickly. The only drawback is no applicators are included, so you’ll need to set aside a little extra room in your suitcase for your applicators. Overall, though, this is one of the best collections for a full, fresh-faced look on the road.

Urban Decay Naked on the Run

Smallest Size: e.l.f. 22-Piece Mini On the Go

Need a compact that’s more…well, compact? e.l.f makes tons of great palettes, but their 22-Piece Mini on the Go Palette is so tiny, you can fit it in even the tightest pack. Inside you’ll find three tiers of makeup. Just beneath a mini mirror, ten eyeshadows in a range of colors adorn the top deck with a dual-sided applicator. One level down, you’ll find five creamy lip glosses and a thin tipped brush for swiping them on. On the bottom tier, you have three blushes with a brush and a travel size tube of mascara. No bigger than a smartphone, this is the most efficient way to pack makeup.

e.l.f. Mini On the Go

Most Customizable: Sephora Z Palette

So you’re picky about what goes on your face. We can’t blame you. Lucky for you, Sephora’s Z Palette makes it easy to gather your go-to products in one place. Pick up an empty tin and fill it with whatever your heart desires. The palette comes with a metal spatula to remove makeup pans from other palettes and magnetic stickers to secure everything inside. For an all-in-one vacation palette, we recommend selecting one all-purpose blush, two neutral eyeshadows, a dark shadow to use as eyeliner, a lighter lip color for everyday wear, and a bold lip color for nights out. As with the Naked on the Run palette, you’ll need to take up some extra space with your applicators.

Sephora Z Palette

Honorable Mention: Stowaway

Stowaway doesn’t sell a palette like the ones above, but the company’s focus on making quality makeup that’s the perfect size for travel means we can’t let them go without notice. Their website will walk you through choosing your favorite shades of everything from lipstick and rouge to eyeliner and BB cream. A full set is a little on the pricey side, but these pieces are so pint-sized, you know they won’t go bad before you can use up every last drop, so you’re getting your full money’s worth.

Stowaway cosmetics