Top Gifts for Travel Lovers

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Frequent travelers are well known for preferring experiences to things. Why fill a house with decorative knick-knacks only to leave them behind all the time? Why spend money on clothes and books when you could save for a dream holiday instead? This holiday season, treat the jetsetter in your life to something they’ll get good use out of.


The best home décor for a traveler is anything that shows off all the magnificent places they’ve been. Fortunately, there are plenty of options on the market. The Scratch Map lays a thin gold foil over a colorful world map to be rubbed off with a coin, lotto-style. Seattle’s Travel Shop sells a set of minimalist cork board cutouts. Or take the DIY route and simply frame a map laid over cork or foamboard to make a custom push pin map.

Packing Cubes

Staying organized is always a challenge on the road so packing cubes are a traveler’s best friend. Larger sizes are handy for rolling clothes so vacationers always know whether they’re grabbing a t-shirt or a pair of undies. Meanwhile, smaller sizes are perfect for handling toiletries or other odds and ends nobody wants rattling around loose in their pack. Eagle Creek, eBags, and PRO all make good quality sets.

Luggage Scale

Travel luggage scale can save your frequent traveler friend a ton of money. Think about all of the times that you’ve gotten on an airplane and had to pay extra money because your bags were too heavy. Your friends could end up saving themselves hundreds of dollars in overweight fees that they would have paid otherwise. Digital luggage scale is very accurate and incredibly convenient tool that every avid traveler must have.

Camera Accessories

Who doesn’t love living vicariously through travel photos? Make it easier for traveling friends and family to share their best shots by giving them handy add-ons for their camera equipment. Olloclip and AUKEY both make augmented camera lenses to clip on to a smartphone, making photos snapped from a phone better quality. Help them ditch that tacky selfie stick with the Bluetooth Satechi BT button or a phone-friendly tripod.


While you’re making it easy for friends to document their travels, show a little love to the written word too. Moleskine notebooks are the cream of the crop and come in a variety of sizes. There are also versions filled with grid paper or blank unlined sheets for jetsetting artists. The Rifle Paper Company offers a set of travel-themed pocket notebooks. Or, for those who need a little help getting creative, try Lonely Planet’s adult travel coloring book.

External Batteries

External batteries are perfect for long travel days or those who like to stay connected while hiking or camping. The Anker Power Core and Pac2Go’s Mobile Power Charger are both no larger than a tube of lipstick, but can add a full extra charge to any smartphone. To support multiple devices, the Maxoak Ultra High Capacity packs should do the trick. Outdoorsmen might prefer something rugged like the EasyAcc Power Bank or Outdoor Tech’s Kodiac 6000.

Wallets and Alternatives

Help friends keep their funds safe with a travel-friendly storage option. Sea to Summit and Eagle Creek make handy money belts and neck wallets for those who like to keep their cash close while on the road. For many folks, however, a regular wallet will do the trick – just get them something with an RFID lining to prevent identity theft. TravelOn and Pacsafe make whole lines of RFID blocking wallets and bags. Ladies might prefer a fashionable means of hiding their dough, like the SholdIt, an infinity scarf with built-in pockets.