Our Story


Just say the word and we’re ready to go! We are Anna and Lucas and we have a passion for the outdoors and traveling domestically as well as internationally. We have hiked, biked, paddled and climbed so many beautiful places and we like sharing our adventures with our friends. However, as we traveled we would purchase items that were needed for our trips and inadvertently they would break or did not work. We were out the cost of the item as well as being without the product. We wondered if there were other travelers who ran into the same problems or were we jinxed.

We did a lot of research and asked a host of travelers what was their main complaint about their trips. At the top of the list was that products were not durable and could not withstand the abuse of baggage handlers or inclement weather or just plain dirt and use. We had our epiphany. We wanted to begin a company that sold travel items to avid travelers – whether the business traveler or the casual traveler – that would provide quality with no bad surprises.

There is a very old saying about treating others the way you want to be treated. We feel this is our mantra for Dunheger. We will not sell anything that we would not purchase for ourselves. It’s just that simple. You will not find cheaply made merchandise on our site. We wouldn’t carry it on a trip and neither should you. This doesn’t mean it has to be the most expensive – just the best.

We are real down-to-earth people with hopes and dreams, just like you. If there is an item you especially like and has served you well, please take the time to let us know.  We will share your comments with customers just like you who will value your real-time experience. Have you seen our Hand-Held Luggage Scale? Take a look and you will see exactly what we mean.


Enjoy the site and your trip. Bon Voyage!