Digital Luggage Scale

  • Our product allows you to enjoy your time away rather than having to worry about what you can and cannot take with you. Dunheger Travel Luggage Scale is electronic, highly portable and so small (and lightweight) that you can fit it in your suitcase, meaning you can weigh your luggage when you go, and when you come back. It is simply the best luggage scale available.

    The scale is digital, with an easy to read backlit LCD screen and it is very easy to use. You simply attach it to your luggage and lift, and you will be able to take a reading of the weight of your luggage. There will be no surprises at the gate.

    You will always be able to count on the accuracy and durability. It is an extra bonus that it looks sleek and up-to-date.

  •  Simple one button operation

     Capacity 110lb / 50 kg

     Graduation 0.1lb / 50gr

     Backlit LCD display

     Automatic hold feature

     Sound indicator

    ✔ Tare function

     Auto shut off

     Power supply 2xAAA batteries (included)

     Carrying bag (included)




+ Does your digital scale measure in both pounds and kilos?

Yes, Dunheger luggage scale measures in both pounds and kilos. This means you can travel within the US or overseas and be able to determine the weight of your luggage.


+ How do I change units of measure?

It is very simple. Just press the ON/OFF button and the display will show ’8888’. Immediately press ON/OFF again. This will change units of measure.


+ Does the scale lock the weighing result or do I have keep holding it to read the result?

The Dunheger luggage scale has a hold feature. When a weight reading has been taken the scale will beep and will display ‘H’. The scale will hold the weight and you can easily read it and write the weight down to keep for later use.


+ How much does the Dunheger luggage scale weigh?

The Dunheger luggage scale is lightweight. It only weighs 4.3 oz. (or 122g).


+ Does the scale come with needed batteries?

Yes, it comes with 2x AAA batteries which are all you need to use the scale.


+ How accurate is the Dunheger travel scale?

This is an excellent question and addresses the lengths we go to bring you the absolute best in travel accessories. The Dunheger luggage scale is exceptionally accurate and has graduation of 0.1lb or 50gr. It is precision instrument so for the most accurate reading it is important to hold the scale in a horizontal position. Any change may affect its accuracy.


+ What is included with my Dunheger luggage scale?

Every Dunheger scales comes with 2 AAA batteries, instruction guide, carrying bag and e-book. Everything you could possibly need is included. There is never any guesswork.


+ Does the Dunheger luggage scale come with a warranty?

Absolutely! We stand behind our products. Our scale has 24-month standard warranty but it is extended to lifetime warranty once the product is registered on our website. If you are dissatisfied please contact us at


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